Tuesday, August 16, 2016

VBA code to list all comments to a new worksheet in workbook!!!

Comment in excel is a way of annotate calculation logic of certain measure or KPI. It will be very useful to transfer data manipulation logic user to user. As a results, there is extension use of comments take place in a workbook. It will be very difficult to check each and every comments if comments scattered in different ranges in the workbook. Thus, it will be a quite problematic task to gather information of all the comments on the singe place.

In this situation a simple excel macro will be very helpful to gather all comments in a list. Using excel macro you can list all the comments within a minute.

Monday, August 15, 2016

VBA code to delete specific name ranges in a workbook!!!

Excel application works on concept of cell which is nothing but intersection of row and column. However a single cell is called as a range which is a most important member of excel object hierarchy. Various formulae in excel application will work on the ranges to get final result. Ranges can be named to a object know as Named Range which will be further used in macro code to perform certain data manipulation.

Sometime, we need to delete specific named range in the workbook which will not be used furthermore. Delete specific named range will be quite time consuming when there are large number named ranges created in the workbook. We can simply automate this task by adding few line of code in macro.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

VBA code to list all name ranges in a workbook!!!

Name range is one the useful feature to provide name to a cell or group of cell in excel worksheet. Many a times, user needs multiple named ranges in excel workbook. Then it becomes very difficult to list down all the names ranges created in each worksheet. We can automate this task and list down all named ranges from excel workbook.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Excel VBA code to list folder and total size!!!

Sometimes, we need list of system folder and their size in MB. This is not a regular task, but it takes a lot of manual effort when such kind of requirement occurs. Thus, it's need a automation which will give us list of all subfolders and their size. Fortunately, this task can be automated using a small excel macro which will provide list of all subfolder and their size.

Monday, August 8, 2016

How to call a macro from another workbook?

Executing macro from same workbook is a routine task in Excel automation. Many a times, We face a situation where we need to a call macro from another workbook. Sometimes, it's very useful to call a macro from another workbook which will help us optimize macro code. Also, it is very easy to modify the code in individual macro of separate workbook.

Taking consideration of these advantage of macro with separate workbook will be used to automate tasks which scheduled on specific time intervals.