Saturday, September 26, 2015

Most Useful Excel VBA Control Structures

Control Structures are most powerful feature of any programming language. Similarly, there are some Control Structures which is commonly used by VBA programming. Usually, these control structures are very useful to save ample amount of time to write large number of line of codes. It helps to facilitate user to work on very complex logic and calculations.

Following is a list of the most commonly used Excel VBA programming control structures. Detailed illustration with few simple example and brief description is given below. Which will be very helpful to know when you would use that structure into your project.

How can I check existence of File, Folder and Sheet in Excel VBA Project?

It very essential in many excel VBA project to check existence of File, Folder and Worksheet for particular excel file. It consumes a lot time to write the functions or macros again and again. I have included all those if exists macros on this article. Thus, you can make use of them in your project to help yourselves to save ample amount of time.

All these, if exists VBA codes are listed as below. To Verify, You can copy and paste mentioned code into standard module in your project or new workbook.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Superb VBA Password recovery using Excel Unlocker Addins 100 % Working S...

Password recovery is very challenging task for excel VBA project. Most of the times, we forgot password of excel VBA project which we developed at past. Thus, it is very difficult to made changes in existing VBA project which we using by couple of years. Without knowing password of such a projects we can not made any changes to our existing automation solution.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Awesome VBA code to make excel talk !!!

Text to Speech is built into MS Office products from version XP on-wards. There are options to make Excel read cells.

Certainly, MS Excel can talk. MS Excel text to speech speaks in computer voice, which is close to a female voice.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Superb code to list all files in a folder by excel VBA?

Importing List of file into excel worksheet is very popular task in several excel automation.
Such a list of files will empower user to work on file listed in worksheet. User can perform various calculation on these listed files as per requirement.