Monday, November 30, 2015

Simple utility to Create Speedometer Chart in excel

Speedometer chart is very popular graph which is being used is dashboards. it usually gives a quick context of your performance and provide top level details. It is useful in visualization such as high level reporting, Dashboards and Presentations that are about reporting. They are colorful, easy to understand and easy to enter data and customize based on any situation. Speedometer chart is very powerful tools which enables reporting too much interactive and helpful to understand performance of any product.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Excel VBA code to determine if chart is exists

Many a times it is very difficult to determine if chart is exists. Also it is very time consuming to check all sheets in workbook to check for a specific chart. So, checking charts in project will be a one of the data validation and performing this activity is manually is a quire tedious job. But, we can make this task very simple by using a short code which will help us to check if chart is exists.

By using VBA code in project to validate charts existence is very powerful and accurate method for graphical data representation. Which certainly saves a huge amount of time while data validation.

Monday, November 23, 2015

How to unhide all hidden sheets using VBA code?

Handling multiple sheet simultaneously is too much challenging and complex task for anybody. Considering this point, Excel is powered with hide and unhide functionality which helps end user to make visible required sheets for data manipulation. But, excel has a limitation to unhide multiple sheets at a single go. Thus, it becomes a very tedious and time consuming task to unhide multiple sheets in single attempt.

Can we unhide all hidden excel sheets at single attempt?and the answers is "Yes".

Here is the code which will make this task very simple.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

VBA Short code to Break all external links with ease

Whenever we implement formula in excel cells which contains reference to external workbook, excel create a link to refer external workbook. So, it requires all external linked excel workbooks to calculate formula whenever someone open the excel workbook with formula.

Sometimes these external workbooks may be moved or removed from the specified folder. As a result, excel ask for the linked excel workbook which is missing from linked path. this will impact on formula calculation and result into #NA values. Due to large number of workbooks that have links in them and they are getting very large.