Tuesday, January 12, 2016

How to check the size of each worksheet of workbook?

Excel is highly recommended reporting tool which used in diverse industry for reporting purpose. Though, it is very useful by it's various reporting functionality. It has some limitation which will be taken into consideration while generation reporting tools. Workbook size is one of the limitation which slow down performance of reports which contains huge data. There could be various causes which impact on file size. In fact, to overcome this file size limitation, we identify the sheet which is result in increase in file size and optimize it to decrease overall size on disk.

Finding size of each sheet is not a simple task. But, it can be possible with excel VBA code. Here is the code which will give you size of each sheet in your report.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

How to save bulk email attachments from outlook to a specific folder on PC?

Microsoft Outlook is one the best email processing application used by user on daily basis. Sometimes, it is used for bulk data transfer medium. users sending bulk emails consist of lots of attached file of various extension such as excel (Microsoft Excel), word (Microsoft Word), PDF (Adobe), Text files, Images (Photoshop file) and so on. Then, it becomes very tedious job to handle large number of attachment in Microsoft Outlook. Saving bulk attachment into specific folder takes lot of productive time which definitely impact on other activities.

Using excel VBA code this task can be automate which will definitely save lot of productive hours. This, VBA code will take hardly 5 minutes to save attachment into specific folder of your Personal Computer.